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Mineral Drenching Tips

During the summer drenching of cattle and lambs across the UK is a common site on many UK farms. As grass quality and quantity decrease throughout the summer months it is essential to add supplementary minerals and vitamins in order to maximise animal performance throughout these challenging months.

FARMSENSE offers a complete range of oral drenches which contain a full spectrum of chelated trace elements and vitamins which have been specifically formulated to maximise potential benefits for both sheep and cattle.

One of the main key points when drenching is to ensure that the drenching is done correctly and that all the equipment used is in good working order.

Drenching with Maxigro and CappavitChecking Your Equipment

The drenching gun is the most important piece of equipment in the process, check for leaks before drenching any animals, this can be done by filling the gun and placing a finger over the end of the nozzle, and once the trigger is squeezed no liquid should come out.

The next key point of checking the drench gun is the accuracy of the dosing, this can be done by doing a simple calibration test using the drenching gun and a measuring jug, squeeze ten 10ml doses of water into the measuring jug which should have a 100ml in the jug at the end.

The Correct Technique

Once this has been done the next step is to ensure the cattle/sheep are correctly restrained ideally in a crush or race which allows easier drenching and limits the movement of the animals.

The ideal place to administer the drench is the back of the tongue and the easiest way of doing this is by placing the nozzle in through the corner of the mouth.

Take care to ensure the nozzle does not go too far down the throat as this can prevent swallowing and increase the risk of damage to the throat, mouth and teeth.

Finally ensure that all animals are grouped according to age and size where possible to ensure they all receive the correct dosage.