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Ovicol Gold Lamb Colostrum

Ovicol Gold Lamb Colostrum
A proven solution for lambs deprived or deficient in mother’s colostrum at birth, containing up to 25% more IgG than our regular Ovicol.

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Colostrum is essential for a newborn lamb’s survival. A lamb deficient in its mother’s colostrum can become susceptible to disease, which is why supplementing colostrum is so important. During the first 24 hours of a newborn lamb’s life, its ability to benefit from colostrum decreases every hour.

Colostrum contains antibodies (IgG), which are absorbed by newborn lambs. This maternally derived IgG provides passive immunity against numerous diseases. After around 16-24 hours, the amount of IgG absorbed from colostrum decreases to a minimum. This is why it is important to provide lambs with substitute lamb colostrum as soon as possible. Ovicol Gold provides lambs with even more IgG than Ovicol to ensure maximum uptake.


This super premium lamb colostrum provides:

  • 25% more IgG than regular Ovicol
  • Two strains of high strength probiotic
  • Added prebiotics and immune stimulants
  • High energy colostrum
  • Easy to mix for rapid administration