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Ketosin Ketosis Aid

Ketosin Ketosis Aid
With its unique formula, Ketosin provides instant energy to get your cows up and going - helping to maintain body fat, clean the liver and restore the vital energy balance to cows suffering from ketosis. A must have for all dairy farmers.  

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Lactating dairy cattle have increased energy demand, as they need to produce large quantities of milk. During early lactation, cattle are at increased risk of developing ketosis, as increased milk production means a high-energy demand. To cope with the required increase in energy, cows use the fat stored in tissue around the body as an energy source. Using fat for energy can fill the liver with ketone bodies, a condition known as ketosis. 

Ketosin is an ideal source of energy for cows during times when energy demand may be high (e.g. early lactation) and prevents fat from being used as an energy source. Ketosin helps to reduce the build up of ketone bodies that may already be present in the liver of an energy deficient cow suffering from ketosis. 


  • Also ideal for the energy deficient newly calved cow
  • Helps to restore energy balance
  • Helps maintain body fat
  • Works to cleanse liver of fatty acid deposits
  • Warnings FOR ORAL ADMINISTRATION ONLY. Not for human consumption.
  • Use As soon as a lactating cow shows symptoms of Ketosis (lowered milk yield, acetone breath and/or milk)
  • Presentation A brownish translucent liquid with a sweetish odour.
  • Precautions Store in a dry place between 15-20°C. Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Packaging In 1 litre polypropylene bottles with tamper evident screw top.
  • Health & Safety As far as is known, there are no known hazards associated with the correct use of KETOSIN®.
  • Composition Propylene glycol, Sodium propionate, Extract of Cardiues marianus, Molasses, Nicotinamide.
  • Analytical Declaration Oil 0.2% Ash 1.9% Protein 0.9% Fibre 0.1%
  • Administration SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Give 350ml daily until the symptoms recede and milk yield returns to normal. KETOSIN® may also be given as a preventative for animals known to be susceptible to ketosis.